About Powl

Since the early eighties, Powl Ameerali is a familiar name in the Surinamese music industry. In 1982 he made his first appearance on the Surinamese musical stage in the very first Suripop (Suriname Popular Songfestival) with his performance of the winning composition "Gi Yu Wawan".

During that time he was the lead singer of the band Century, a group of Surinamese musicians, dedicated to composing “poku’s” (songs) with “Sranan Tongo” lyrics, the lingua franca spoken in Suriname next to the official Dutch language. At that time these songs were very unique and well received. Poku’s from this period are recorded on Powl’s first CD “Switi Firi”.

Many were pleasantly surprised when they discovered that Powl was both the composer and author of the title-song. He followed this trend with the release of the Christmas song “Kresneti Firi” and now continues with the new CD “SO!” and the EP “Met Jou Is Alles Anders”.

On “SO!” Powl collaborates with the band Masalsa and expresses his passion for different music genres such as Latin. On "SO!" you will find new versions of "Uma In A Blaka” and “Tamara”, memorable songs from the nineties. Throughout that period he was part of the "Salsa On Sunday" band under guidance of his “buen companero musical” Juan Navia.

During his career Powl has consciously been focused on singing in “Sranan Tongo” with the intent to broaden the Surinamese people’s appreciation and love for “one’s own”. But, as you can hear on the "SO!" album, he does not shy away from singing in other languages! It also lead him to release his first song in the native Dutch language on the latest “Met Jou Is Alles Anders” EP.

The new releases provide a collection of tunes through which Powl Ameerali once again shares his “Switi Firi” of music with you!


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