40 years in showbizz
and the journey continues!

Pokus - Music

Album: Switi Firi (2002)
Album: SO! (2017)
EP: Met Jou Is Alles Anders (2017)
Single: Kresneti Firi (2014)
Single: Yere Wi Dron (2019)
Single: Kar' A Nyun Yari Kon (2021)


Lobi.Firi.Prisiri promo
Lobi.Firi.Prisiri concert impressions
Switi Firi
Bosi Mi
Carré Amsterdam 2011
Ef Yu Na Fu Mi
Live theater ZuidPlein Rotterdam 2019
Kar' A Nyun Yari Kon
Mi Gowtu
Suripop 2018
Met Jou Is Alles Anders album teaser
SO! album teaser

LFP2019 an unforgettable tour experience! Thanks to a great band - Soeshiel, Mark, Jeroen, Anil, Asis, Surajh, Aidah, Ulrike, Edje, Laco, Dave, Dwight - the entire LFP crew and the vibrant audiences!

About - Mi Tori

In 1982 Powl Ameerali made his first appearance on the national musical stage at the very first Suriname Popular Songfestival (Suripop) with his performance of the winning composition ’Gi Yu Wawan’. During that time he was the lead singer of the band Century, a group of Surinamese musicians, dedicated to composing ‟poku’s” (songs) with ‟Sranan Tongo” lyrics, the lingua franca spoken in Suriname next to the official Dutch language. Other well-known poku’s such as Safri, Net’ Alen and Saide Yu Gwe were also created in that era and are still very popular today. In 2002 Powl re-recorded some of these classics for his first album, ‟Switi Firi” (Sweet Feeling(s)). Many were pleasantly surprised when they discovered that Powl was both the composer and author of the title-track. He followed this trend and continued composing new songs in different genres such as ‟Kresneti Firi” (Christmas single), ‟Met Jou Is Alles Anders” (EP title-track), ‟SO!” (title-track Latin album). The Latin genre has a special place on that list. In the nineties, under guidance of his ‟buen compañero musical” Juan Navia, Powl was part of the ’Salsa On Sunday’ (SOS) band and collaborated a decade later with Masalsa to produce his second album SO!

In 2019, another collaborative highlight with PUURee resulted in the memorable ‟Lobi.Firi.Prisiri” [LFP] concert series. Lobi meaning Love, Firi, (warm) feelings and Prisiri, pleasure and enjoyment.

Powl has consciously preferred singing in ‟Sranan Tongo” with the intent to broaden the Surinamese people’s appreciation and love for ‟one’s own”. However, listening to his repertoire you will notice he does not shy away from singing in other languages! (English, Spanish, Dutch etc) With his singing career passing the 40 year mark in 2022, Powl plans to continue sharing his ‟Switi Firi” of music with you through his music and performances!

Career Highlights & Projects
Met Jou Is Alles Anders
‘Kar’ A Nyun Yari Kon’

A previously recorded “owru yari” song written by Siegfried Gerling and Erik Refos with a new vibe featuring Laco

Met Jou Is Alles Anders
‘Yere Wi Dron’

Drummer boy, Surinamese style!

Lobi.Firi.Prisiri concert

The Lobi.Firi.Prisiri concerts, a collaboration with PUURee - three cities, five shows - an unforgettable tour experience!

Suripop XX

Suripop XX - Golden edition – a special edition - performing the 3rd place winner ‘Mi Gowtu’ composed by Harold Gessel

SuriToppers NL tour

The third NL tour – same energetic vibe with an even bigger variety!

Met Jou Is Alles Anders
Met Jou is Alles Anders EP

EP release with the first Dutch twist!

Live with Masalsa @ Kwaku Festival Amsterdam

Back at Kwaku Festival (after 15 years) having great fun in the rain with Masalsa!

Live @ Kwaku 2017
SO! - Latin Album

Release second studio album – collaboration with Masalsa, produced by SB productions@2112studios

SuriToppers NL tour

An energized, fun and successful tour!

Met Jou Is Alles Anders
‘Kresneti Firi’

Release of first holiday single “Kresneti Firi”

SuriToppers Aruba

A great group of musicians in the role of Suripop ambassadors on this beautiful island

SuriToppers @ Carré NL
... Representative of Surinamese music at Carré's 125th celebration
SuriToppers NL tour - Allstar Edition

The first edition of the SuriToppers event in the Netherlands

Mathurin Meets Music

Music and cabaret, a great first intro to touring in the Netherlands with Jetty Mathurin & friends

Live @ Kwaku Festival Amsterdam

First time Kwaku Festival performance, a wonderful experience!

Live @ Kwaku 2002
'Switi Firi' Album Release Show

“Switi Firi” album release show live @ Odeon Rotterdam – what a high!

Met Jou Is Alles Anders
'Switi Firi' album

Release of first album "Switi Firi". Produced by Iwan van Hetten

Suripop XII

Performed “Fu Tego” a composition by Siegfried Gerling & Erik Refos

Jörgen & Powl Show

Comedy music mash-up in theater Thalia

1999 'Bosi Mi'

Cover of "Bosi Mi" - a composition by Harold Biervliet, arrangement by ATN Stadwijk. Project: “A collective tribute to Lieve Hugo - memoria fu IKO”

1998 Suripop X

Back at Suripop singing “Bromki Fu Mi Ati” composed by James Spong

1990-1994 S.O.S - Salsa On Sunday Band

Lead singer of Surinamese Salsa band, Salsa On Sunday (S.O.S) under guidance of Juan Navia

1989 'Words I Want To Say'

A milestone @Curaçao International Festival (Curinfest) – 3rd place out of 24 contestants with own composition “Words I Want To Say”

1989 'AIDS No Mek' A Lolo Go Moro Fara'

AIDS campagne winning song written by Winston Loe and Carla Lamsberg

1988 'Wi Lobi Yu Sote'

Singer of “Wi Lobi Yu Sote”, a song by Roy MacDonald en Henk Brandflu – a tribute to the Surinamese “Golden Boy” Anthony Nesty

1988 Suripop V

Back at Suripop after four years performing the winning and the runner up, "Ef A Kan" (1) and "Brasa Mi" (2), a duet with Silvy Singoredjo both composed by Siegfried Gerling and Erik Refos

Live @ Kwaku 2002
1984 Suripop III

Performed “Mek Wi Dansi” composed by Roy MacDonald one of Suripop's classics!

1983 Suripop II

Performed “Safri” composed by Wim Bakker & Erik Refos, still one of the most popular Suripop songs. Also performed "Fig’en" written by Winston Loe

1982 Suripop I

Performance at the first Suripop, singing the winning song "Gi Yu Wawan", composed by Wim Bakker and Erik Refos

Suripop I
1982 First Studio recording

First ever recording. "Matapica" composed by Wim Bakker and Erik Refos

1978-1990 Century

Lead singer from this group of Surinamese musicians dedicated to compose their own songs

Century band